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Monday, December 28, 2015

Step into the Magic | Disneyland in November

"Just imagine: if you were standing right here over 60 years ago, you’d be standing in the middle of an orange grove. One visionary man stood right where you are now, but instead of orange trees, he envisioned a Magic Kingdom. This man’s name was Walt Disney, and his dream would be called Disneyland."*

As the huge Disney fan and former cast member I am, I made getting to Disneyland Resort during their Diamond Celebration year a huge goal! I'm so happy to say that I made it happen!

I have been to Disneyland before, but the last time I went was 12 years ago, long before I came to appreciate the history and imagineering Disney is known for. In a lot of ways it felt like the first time I was visiting, and to say I was excited would be an understatement! I went to California with one of my long-time family friends, Stephanie, one of my former WDW cast member friends, Lane, and I met up with my Disney College Program roommate, Maggie who works out on the West Coast now!

The first day was spent entirely at Disneyland, and we went open to close! It was cool to experience rope drop, Disneyland-style. Our main goal was to accomplish as many Disneyland exclusives as possible.

Some highlights of this first park day were Indiana Jones Adventure, Paint the Night, A Christmas Fantasy parade, meeting Chewbacca (I know!), Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Disneyland Forever. (Many of which were repeated numerous times!)

This was Lane's first Churro EVER, so yes, it was documented! The man who took our photo thought it was hilarious and was happy to be part of the moment. Gotta love people like that at Disney!

I may or may not love an animated character. It's cool guys, I promise.

Stephanie, me, Chewie, and Mags :)

It’s a world where you belong,
Where you can dream aloud.
Your heart will follow!
Get up, and sing along!
The moment’s here and now.*

One of my only Paint the Night photos because I danced along way too much to stop and take photos :)

Day two was spent mostly at Disney's California Adventure where I finally got to see Cars Land with my own eyes!! It's gorgeous and exactly as I'd hoped it would be! We finished the night by watching World of Color, and this is where I'd insert the heart-eye emoji if I could, as it was beautiful! Honestly, all of Disneyland and California Adventure was love at first (or first time in 12 years) sight for me. 

If we believe in the fantasy,
It will carry us away, carry us away.
You and me, makin’ memories today.


Meeting Chip and Dale was so much fun! They started to fight over who loved me more which resulted in me receiving a TON of Chipmunk kisses :)

The third and fourth days in the parks were spent pretty equally in both Disneyland and California Adventure, trying to conquer even more undiscovered features of the two parks!

This is a picture from my first ride (and only so far) on a ferris wheel! I had to make sure my first ride was on a wheel with my good pal Mickey's face on it, haha

Minnie is a great pal when you need a little girl chat! So fun to laugh with her!

Turn on your light!
Come on, and live the magic.
So much to find,
Come on and live the magic.*

I love this sequence of photos so much (annoyingly pats self on back) because Mickey is so stinking cute, and they make me happy! 
Just a suitcase and a dream!

Totally calling me out, haha! Heyyy Mickey :)

Forget the fact that this was clearly taken at night with a flash (hence the weird lighting), but this is like our family photo! 
Mickey and Minnie are family to me!

One quick It's a Small World pic for good measure!

…and jump to a cell phone picture cause we posed as bears before I left!

Step into the magic;
Watch the stories come to life!
Step into the magic;
Every color shines so bright.
Step into the magic!*

(see how I made these ears here)

These next few pictures are from Mickey and the Magical Map, the show I never knew was missing from my life before. I love live entertainment and musical theater, and I LOVE Disney entertainment like none other. I saw this show twice while I was visiting, and I wish I could see it a million times more. This is probably the case where other people would think, "that was nice!" and move on, and question me as to why I would want to devote entire days to seeing multiple performances of it, but hey! I seriously adore the show, and am listening to the music from the show right now as I type this, so yes, the newest obsession is real. 

Just think, all of this is yours… forever!
Come on, and live the magic!*

Goodnight, Uncle Walt.

For those of you who don't know, above the Fire Station, is Walt's apartment. He had the apartment built originally because during the park's construction, he spent so much time there on site. Mags has toured the apartment and that makes me so incredibly jealous! It's on my life goal list of things to do now! The light in the window (during Christmas time, the light is a mini lit-tree) never goes out. It remains on to honor Walt, and I sure took a moment to think of the man who dreamt of and created what has become a huge part of my life.

"As Walt Disney said, 'Disneyland will never be complete.' And as the future will show us, with enough imagination, it will continue to build and grow on one enduring promise—that all who journey into its magical gates will feel forever young. And the magic, as Walt assured us, will never end."*

Thank you for taking this Journey into Imagination with me!

x Lauren

I want to know, my friends, when can we do this again?*


** From Disneyland Forever
* From Paint the Night

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