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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Extra Magic Hours: Extending my Disney College Program!

It has certainly been awhile since my last post, but I have some good news, which should hopefully make up for the delay! My program dates were originally January 13 through May 16, but now I am going to be here through August 1st! 

With the title of this post, I am sure that my news wasn't very hard to figure out though! I applied for an extension of my program and found out about a week ago that I was approved to stay!

I planned to apply for an extension even before I came down and started the program! This sounds so dorky, but for the first time in a long time, I am genuinely happy and proud of where I am in life. I want this journey to continue for as long as possible! 

I actually applied to stay at Kali River Rapids! Clearly, I wasn't thinking because I will be working an outside attraction in the Florida summer sun and heat! The reason I wanted to stay at Kali is not because of the weather that will cause me to be beautifully gross and sweaty, but because of the people! If it were not for my Kali family, I might have applied to move locations or even roles, who knows?

It is a good thing that I have even more time down here though because there is so much more I want to accomplish! My next post will be an updated look at my DCP bucket list!

Anywho! Since I went for a bit without posting, there are a few things that I need to include in this post to keep me up to date!

First off, my sister, Christine and some of her friends came to the parks for their Spring Break and I was able to see them for a bit! 

Some sister selfies on Dumbo
Taken from Christine's Facebook.

Christine wanted to take a selfie with Mickey later,
and look at him, what a guy! He wanted to make sure 
I was included! From C's Facebook.

This is a random picture from Hollywood Studios! One of my classes, Exploring Disney Heritage, which sadly is now over, met at the park for a scavenger hunt one week! This is a picture of the group I was a member of taken in front of the park's dedication plaque as one of the challenges we needed to accomplish

Is it a great photo? No! What is so great about it then? Our team, which was given the name Simba, won the scavenger hunt! That is awesome! We got a small pin and card from our teacher, but man, was I pumped! Speaking of that class, below is a picture of me with my Mousters Degree from finishing that class! Not to brag, but I also got a perfect attendance certificate that was signed by my boss, Mickey Mouse! :)

From my Instagram.

When I was first accepted for the Spring DCP, I was excited because I was already anticipating the Senior class trip from my High School to be visiting over Spring Break! Now, I worked both days they were all in the parks, but I was able to meet up with some people very briefly before they left Magic Kingdom at night! (Yay, Animal Kingdom for having earlier closing hours than all of the other parks!)

Nicolette, me, Mickey, and two of my Senior friends,
Will and David! From my Instagram.

I am very aware that this post has turned into a mess of topics, but I'm on a roll! Don't stop me now! My other sister, Hayley, just came down recently for a day while going on college visits and I was able to see her for dinner! 

From my Instagram.

And then just for the heck of it, here are quite a few pictures I've taken lately that make me happy! 

I love my friends, Nicolette and Ean!

My newest Vinylmations...lucky me!

Have a great week, or however long the increment of time is until I post again! :)
x Lauren
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