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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fantastical Day at Magic Kingdom | WDW March Trip Day 2

The second day of our trip was perfect. That's right, I dare say it. We went to Magic Kingdom all day, and by all day I mean, 17 hours of magic, and joy, and pinch-me is this real pixie dust sprinkled atop everything! 

It was one of my favorite days for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being that Lane, my best friend, who lives and works in Florida, joined us for basically the entire day! (What a trooper, seriously!) If you saw the posts from my December trip to WDW, you might recognize him! He spent the day with me at all four parks then--you can see pictures from that day by clicking here :)

We started the day by watching the welcome show and enjoying breakfast in Cinderella's castle. We then spent the rest of the day doing things like watching Dream Along with Mickey, Festival of Fantasy and the Main Street Electrical Parade, witnessing the Frontierland Hoedown, relaxing in the new expanded Hub area, and of course, riding some rides. It's nice to not have a rushed agenda, and get to truly enjoy things we choose!

All of the pictures that I post from my trip are taken by me unless I note otherwise! I am quite proud of my pictures, and want to share them with others so I've posted them (obviously, haha), but do me a favor! If you want to use them for any reason or share them yourself, let me know and give me proper credit. You can do that? Sweet, that would be awesome AND greatly appreciated- Please do! Thank you :)

But now.... away we gooo! 

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*Photos taken by Christine

*I wanted to go see Pluto for a bit because my friend, Jarred, 
is good friends with the pup, and told me Pluto would love to see us!


*I know Lane isn't looking, but Pluto was rocking it!

"Dreams that Glow, Wondrous Dazzling Brilliantly
So Away we Go, It's a Festival of Fantasy"

This one is for Pascal :) 

I want to be a Lost Boy. Where do I sign up? Seriously, let me know!

Love my homegirl's hair! She likes to chase the wind, but I think the wind was chasing her!

Even though he's grumpy, he makes me smile! I love the Dwarfs, we all know that!

Enjoyed watching Katlyn, Christine's former roommate, do her thing in the flash-mob style of the Frontierland Hoedown, and then later in the Electrical Parade!

"Get ready for the magic, a spectacle beyond compare. There’s romance and adventure, there’s laughter and much more with our imagination. Imagine what’s in store!"

Dream Along with Mickey

"There's enchantment to be found in every fairytale."

"It’s time to set sail for adventure. An adventure that begins with PIRATES!"

Do you SEE Goofy's dance skills? I mean, Gwarsh! Haha!

"Any dream is possible, wishes do come true. You can reach the stars if you just believe. Share the magic in your heart, there’s nothing you can’t do. Anything is possible, so find a dream inside of you."

"Seize the Moment! Let your fantasies and dreams set sail!"

"Take the dream with you, wherever you may go!"

The hub expansion is gorgeous! (like, I'm in love with it)

Thanks to Lane for this photo, and the patience with us all :)

*Okay, THIS is why I love Disney and continue to go to the parks after all this time. I was eating a Mickey pretzel in Tomorrowland (important detail, I know!) and my friend, JD, recognized me and came up to say hello! JD and I were in class together during our College Programs, and he has stayed down there since then. I seriously loved running into him and getting to catch up, and had to get a picture with him later when I saw him around the Hub!

A picture from Tomorrowland for good measure, and...
to finish off the day, we thought a visit to the mines at midnight would be fun!

Seriously, this was such a great day filled with moments I will cherish forever! I will always be grateful for the people and places that make me happy :)

Pictures from our time at Epcot at DAK will be posted soon!

x Lauren

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