About Me

About Me

Hello there! My name is Lauren, but you can call me Ren, or Lauren, haha- I'll answer to either!

I chose to start writing about things I like, things I go through, events I get to experience along the way. I plan on filling this little space of mine on the Internet with thoughts and pictures. It will probably be more for myself as a way to look back and see all the changes in my life, but if you find enjoyment in reading it, I’m glad.

You should know that I am only slightly completely obsessed with all things Disney :) It has always been a part of my life. Read more about why I love Disney so much by clicking here!

My blog, who.what.Ren. began in October of 2013 because I was planning for my then upcoming days to be spent working for, learning from, and living on the Walt Disney World Resort property in Florida. I was a Disney cast member from January through August of 2014, and this is a time I greatly cherish in my life, and will always be incredibly grateful for.

I blogged throughout my time with Disney, and have continued to blog since being back home. My blog's content has changed a bit as my surroundings and everyday activities have changed, but Disney still pops up every now and then because I simply can't shake it off!

To you now, I say thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, and I hope you come back soon! Please enjoy looking back over my journey with Disney and continue to follow bits of my life now! I aim to be a mere sharer of a bit of my life.

If you choose to follow me, welcome to my life! I'm figuring it out a little day-by-day. If you know the secret to life though, please let me in on it! :)
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