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Monday, June 29, 2015

Find a Happy Place!

Disclaimer: This post makes references to The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. If you are not familiar with those films, you should go watch them immediately and then return!

Let's be honest here, life isn't always the bubbles. The human world-- it's a mess. Sebastian sure got that one right! 

Now, not to get all deep and turn an animated movie into a metaphorical lesson for our lives, or at least my life, but this is what I thought about last night...

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but click on the link here to watch!

At times, I feel like somebody is madly tapping away at my life trying to knock me off, like Darla does to the glass on the fish tank--pushing me past my limits, and seeing how long before I crack and break. I know what you're thinking... "woah Lauren, this is a 10 second clip that you MIGHT be, completely reading too much into!" 

Well, I can appreciate your sense of logic and direct approach to life, but I am a Disney fan that likes to find comfort in animated characters and relate their fictional stories to my nonfictional situations.

As I have mentioned in practically every post on this blog (redundant much?), anything related to Disney, specifically Disney parks, is my happy place. Sometimes you have to seek out a happy place for the time-being to get through hard times. As somebody who suffers from depressive episodes, I don't feel this is childish, but I'd argue that this is actually a very realistic coping method for the everyday struggle.

Since I can't always drop what I'm doing and go to a Disney park, I have to find other happy places, if you will, to get by! Last night, that happy place, was hanging out by myself with my Seven Dwarfs blanket, Dumbo pillow, and Mickey Mouse plush, watching Gilmore Girls on my laptop via Netflix. If it wasn't so dang hot out, I might have even made some hot chocolate. Call me crazy!

So my question for you is, what is your happy place? What/where/who makes you smile when times aren't so bubbly?

I am sending you all positive vibes and happy thoughts this week!

x Lauren
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