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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Long-Overdue Update!

I know that I said that my next post would be an updated version of my bucket list with a look at which items I’ve been able to cross off, but new plan! I have not blogged in forever and would rather do a catch up! (The updated bucket list will be coming soon as a new page tab in the heading in case you wanted to see it!)

Since my last post, I moved out of my old apartment and into my new one! I now live in Patterson Court, which is next to my previous complex, Chatham Square. My friend, Nicolette, and previous roommate, Maggie, live with me now as well as Lexie, our new roommate whose role is in entertainment!

The park that I have visited the least since moving down here in January is by far, EPCOT, which is sad since the Flower & Garden Festival has been going on. Nicolette and I went one day just to hang out, and it was so much fun! I got frozen violet lemonade and we hung out in the butterfly garden. Good day? Yes, I think so!

Some exciting news is that I now have my 3 brothers living with me! If you don’t recognize who these guys are, you are missing out! Go home and watch Brave! In order (L-R), this is Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. Love them!

As a cast member at Animal Kingdom, my work hours are pretty consistently reasonable hours during the day. Maggie works at Magic Kingdom and works the complete opposite schedule! Recently, well May 3rd, DAK was the venue for the Everest Challenge, a 5K running event which takes place after park hours. A select 12 of us over at Kali were lucky enough to work the event, and therefore be at the park until 2:30am, which was SO weird for us!

In between the time the park closed and the event started, our group was able to go ride Expedition Everest and Dinosaur together! We rode Everest twice with the lights on, and Dinosaur once with all of the lights on, and then all of the lights off! Such an interesting experience and I got to do it all with some of my favorite people down here!

I'm back left next to Nicolette!
I'm front right next to Jordan!
This picture was from the time there were no lights on the ride at all, 
so we just prepped to be terrified for the picture! Only the front row of 
Crystal, me, Jordan, and Nicolette were successful! 

As a celebration for the Spring/Spring Advantage CPs, we went to Typhoon Lagoon, which I had never been to, for a night of fun, called Starlit Splash. It was a chill night with food, music, and glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, so all around, a good night, eh?

Nicolette and me! 

...and then me and Maggie :)

One sad thing for us all at DAK is that the Festival of the Lion King has been down for refurbishment for months. They have been building a new theater over in Africa in the park, which is where it has always belonged if you ask me! The DAK cast annual party was recently and it was held in the new theater! We got to go see it, eat catered food, and take home cool color-changing cups! Score! Rafiki and Timon were there to celebrate, so I made my coworker, Byron come take a picture with them and me!

Speaking of cast member events, the Asia attractions team just had an event the other night, which was incredible! After park hours, we rode Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster with the lights on, which was really fun! I seriously love my fellow cast members so much, so doing anything with them is enjoyable!

After riding Coaster, we went over to The Great Movie Ride and walked the track. We had a behind the scenes look at the entire ride and could walk up to the set pieces and look at every little detail. It was very fascinating and memorable! I will look at the ride differently when I ride it next because I can be like, hey cool, I stood there! That was a lot of fun!

I’m already excited about my next post that I will probably end up writing and posting it very soon, so look forward to that one! It won’t be over a month before my next one again! That was a crazy long time… I need to work on being a better blogger! I know I can do it!

Check back soon!
x Lauren
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